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About Us

AM Construction was founded by the present Managing Director Arek Marczewski, an accomplished and experienced senior executive, who has a dynamic personality and strong vision to spearhead and drive major project inictiatives.

Extremely hard working, efficient and dedicated as well as an exceptional relationship builder, facilitator and board level communicator.
As a construction engineer as well as a project manager he makes sure the project is of the highest quality and runs on time. He is committed to a results driven approach to management and highly successful in optimizing resources and technology costs.

For last 20 years specializing in the construction industry – management, design, conversion, refurbishment, new build of residential properties, and some commercial premises to high end specifications that incorporate all the latest finishes and technological features. He was a Speaker on numerous conferences, seminars, training programs and TV commercial programs.

AM Construction
We have taken pride in executing works on many building projects providing the complete building services solution for clients of all sizes. The company is structured to enable the delivery of a wide range of building, environmental and technological services, tailored to answer client, project and technical specifications on contracts with values ranging from several thousand pounds to larger, multi-million pound projects.

- We are a professional team of architects, artists and builders. We work together with the leading international designers.
- We are the company with the single vision of creating the most ambitious, high specification and sought after properties in prime Central London within areas such as Knightsbridge, Belgravia, Chelsea and Kensington.
- Depending on our client´s requirements, we can deliver a project from concept through to completion with our design services that include architecture, interior design and project management.
- We blend creativity, experience, innovation and sound commercial principles to create projects that shape businesses.
- We provide imaginative design and development services to private homebuyers, corporate clients and property investors.

We can assist in multiple ways including:
Design – Fit out – Refurbishment – Building Works – Plumbing – Demolition
New Builds – Rebuilds – Extensions – Restoration – Internal Works

The dynamic interconnected specialist teams focus and collaborate to deliver exceptional customer service to the Corporate & Commercial, Hospitality & Leisure as well as Social Infrastructure markets. Our workmanship is of the highest quality. The workmen have typically been employed by us for some time and we all share the same passion in seeing that the job is well done. We pride ourselves on our honesty and professionalism.

We allow the customer to have one point of contact throughout your projects on your home, be it a new bathroom or a new build we manage the project from the initial planning right through to the finishing touches.

Brompton Squer
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Our Services

Planning Applications

We undertake to act on behalf of our clients in preparation of full planning applications including:-Chartered Architects drawings-Chartered Structure Engineer calculations-Complete negotiations with Planning Authorities and when required with Listed Building Consent Office (English Heritage)

Structural and Land Surveys

We provide professional surveys and structural reports and offer full advice to clients including structural design and calculation. We also provide full GPS based land survey and detailed land drawings.

Architects Drawings

Our service includes complete and detailed architects drawings with amendments and updates to suite the clients required.

Project Management

We meticulously supervise all structure, building and decorating work with stringent controls on valuations, costs and time schedules as well as implementing Health and safety Regulations.

Special Services:

- Electrical work and electronic equipment with the latest technology
- Air Conditioning / Climate control
- Plastering including the reproduction of existing features
- Hand-built kitchens and bathrooms (all bathrooms with underfloor heating)
- Plumbing with new technology, high pressure systems
- Custom-made marble features
- Decoration and special effects
- Structural work
- Roofing and fiberglass technology
- Damp proofing, wood treatment and weather proofing
- Custom-made joinery
-Home cinema / entertainment systems with latest sound technology
-CCTV / 24 hours monitoring system including number plate recognition and recording
-Controls for the whole house (heating, air conditioning, monitoring) operated remotely via phone or tablet from any location in the world

Interiors Design

We offer to our clients professional interior design advice including choice of furniture, furnishings, lightings etc. We specialize in historic buildings and period properties.


Project Management
- Design
- Fit Out
- Refurbishment
- Building Works
- Custom-Made Joinery
- Custom-Made Glass Features
- Bespoke Kitchens Including Design
- Bathrooms With Under Floor Heating
- Plastering Including the Reproduction Of Existing Features
- Plumbing with new technology, high pressure systems Electrical work and electronic equipment with the latest technology
- Home cinema with latest soud technology
- Swimming Pools
- New Builds
- Rebuilds
- Extensions
- Restorations
- Internal Works
- Structual Works
- Roofing and fiberglass technology
- Damp proofing, wood treatment and weather proofing


We work closely with companies specializing in production and creation of unique and magnificent artistic materials and designs. There are: Visuage Glass and Metall FX.


Lighting Effects

Visage Glass

Visage Glass combines artistic and decorative attributes with structural stability of glass offering functional solutions and applications for architectural and interior designs projects. You can choose from a wide range of glass textures, decorative surface finishes and applications for leading UK and European Architects and Interior Designers. What makes Visage Glass  unique  is  understanding of glass as an artistic medium and ability to deliver structurally stable glass elements and  glass applications.  The decorative glass panels are used throughout development and refurbishment projects.  Emphasis of the glass is, for natural and organic feel to be brought back into modern and refine interiors of today’s bringing  harmony and wellbeing to newly formed spaces.



This is the magic of Metall-FX, what could only once be imagined, can now be achieved. Metall-FX developed revolutionary products that allow them to coat a huge range of surfaces and materials including sheet and prefabricated metals, wood, MDF, plaster, plasterboard, glass, fibreglass, concrete, paper, plastic, polystyrene, fabric with a solid veneer of cold spray metal and bespoke metallic finishes.


Living Rooms
Living Rooms
Interior Details
Interior Details


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